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Smoke and Mirrors

Sleight of Hand, Sleight of Heart

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About Us

triumvirata is geared towards Serious Authors. This means we have a somewhat limited membership. Those of you who would like to apply for membership must provide us with evidence that you put real effort into your work. The best way to do this is to show us where you post your work. Let us get a feel for you and the way you do your business. This can be either a personal website where you keep your stories, a livejournal, or an author profile.

This is not a social scene so if your posts are soley about you and your life we ask that you go somewhere else.

How to Join

All prospective readers must read and give us sign that they understand before we will admit you to the community. Whether you do this via e-mail or messenger we will be keeping a record of your agreement. This is for our safety as much as yours.

Once you have read our rules and regulation there is a link provided at the bottom of the rules where you can comment to let us know you have read our rules/regulations. Once you have commented go ahead and click on the 'join community' at the top of this page. You will be notified whether you have been accepted into the community or not as quickly as possible.


1: First of all we must insist that everyone respects one another in this community. We are just that: a community. We are here to support one another. Constructive criticism is allowed, even encouraged. However, we will not tolerate abusive language or behavior. This will merit immediate expulsion after a proper investigation. Anyone who has earned Banishment will not be reconsidered for re-entry under any circumstances. On the flip side, we will endeavor to be fair and consider all sides of the argument.

2: Plagiarism will not be tolerated EVER. There has been a rash of theft in the fandoms lately where passages, chapters, and even entire stories are stolen. If we find you taking credit for a story that is not in fact yours then you will no longer be welcome among us. We write fan-fiction, but we do not take the words out of the real Authors' mouths and claim them as our own. We give credit where credit is due. Our work is a tribute. Let it remain so.

3: This is a community for Serious Writers and as such we must insist that you maintain a certain standard in the stories you post here. We accept Dark Fics, Angst, Fluff, Citrus, Humor, Romance, and every conceivable genre there is. However, we draw the line at PWPs, Mary-sue fics, Self-inserts, and other such lazy varieties of fan-fiction.

I reiterate: this is for Serious Authors. Your characters must be well rounded and thought out. Plots must at least try to be original. We are aware that nothing can be completely original, especially in the fandoms. However, we ask that you make the effort.

4: Fanfiction.net requires that you make use of your Spell-Check and so do we. If you cannot find a beta then odds are we can find one for you. We do not require any strict levels of grammar or spelling in your rough drafts or the snippets you may post here, however should you choose to post a complete chapter here then it must have gone through both spelling and grammar checks. We strongly urge you to make use of a beta, however at this time it will not be considered mandatory.

5: Regarding Chapter Posts: Due to the nature of this community we will be seeing full chapter posts. We find this acceptable. We prefer of course that you post the full chapters on your journal and provide a link, but it is not necessary. However, should you choose to post a whole chapter then you MUST use an LJ-cut. Not everyone will want to read your post or want to scroll all the way through it to get to the person after you. We consider this behavior to be rude.

Don't know how to use an lj cut? Go here

Also, when posting a chapter you MUST provide a link to where the rest of the story is posted. Fanfiction.net is an excellent place to store back-up versions of your work for these purposes. We must stress this. These rules are immutable and will not change in more than minor details. There is no excuse for not following this rule.

6: Regarding Citrus: We do accept citrus stories. However they must be CLEARLY marked. If graphic intercourse takes place in your story then it is NC-17 and you must mark it as such. Mature (Rated R) stories contain sexual situations, but fade out in a tasteful manner before the actual act occurs. Let there be no mistake. If you have a Citrus story that you would like to post then it must pass inspection by one of the moderators. If your story contains a minor in a sexual situation then it will be declined. Do not post or even directly link your Citrus story until it has been approved.

*NOTE* We will reluctantly accept citrus stories that contain rape and/or sadomasochism IF it is plot related. If your story is limited to a woman being raped and does not involve how she deals with the psychological impact of it then we will not accept the story. There must be a plot.

If your story is rejected then you may resubmit it AFTER reworking it a minimum of two times. If we are still rejecting it after that then it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Go here to let us know that you have read our rules and regulations and agree to the stipulations.